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Brand Design for bold and audacious brands

I'm a bit different...

If you're a business owner, you've figured out that branding and visual content is getting crazy-important (call me melodramatic). 

As a qualified Graphic Designer and Canva Approved Creator, I'm a bit different than many designers. I combine the power of Brand Design and Canva, and deliver files that you can use. Once I've built a brand, I empower business owners to take control of their visuals by using Canva templates for digital marketing.

I'll also a nifty illustrator who loves creating unique, one-of-a-kind artwork.

My clients love that I'm a one-stop-shop for Brand Design, Canva Templates, Illustration, Packaging and Website design.

But your DIY logo is pretty...right?

A logo without communication is just decoration *mic drop goes here*.

Maybe you've designed a logo in Canva, or have been using and old one for a while. 

The fact that you're here tells me that there's something that isn't quite right. Maybe you're lacking the rest of the brand, or a supplier has told you that it's in the wrong format. Maybe you're sick of only having one file, or it has a background colour and you need it transparent. 

Look, I'm all for DIY, but it gets to a point where a DIY logo might be costing you prospective business. It's 2022, and you need visuals that legitimise your business (us humans are a visual bunch).

A brand is so much more than a logo. It's the full experience. It is part of a consumers decision process; will they choose you over a competitor?

Getting professional branding is an investment. But, what I can't tell you is how much business it's costing you right now without professional visuals. 


So... you're thinking it might be time for a change

Whether you're a start-up or an established business, how you present your business to clients or customers is increasingly important.

Brand Design gives you all the assets you need to appeal to your ideal audience. This includes logos, fonts, colours, illustrations, icons, photography styles and the touchpoints in your business once your brand is designed such as business cards, product packaging, your website and more.

From the point a customer lands on your social media, through to website and then purchasing your product or service, your branding needs to be consistent.

That's where Brand Design comes in *ta-da*.


What's included?


You'll get 2 initial Brand Design concepts, with 2 more rounds of edits to get it perfect, including video walk-throughs. You'll also get and a final video hand-over of your brand.

Concepts in PDF, using online feedback forms and video recorded walk-throughs

Hero Logo

Feel flasher that Marty McFly with your new hero logo, custom designed with your input. This is the hero piece of your brand; you want the world to see it!
File formats (.png, .jpeg, .eps, .ai), with background and transparent, full colour, reverse, black & white

Secondary Logo

An alternative option for situations where the hero logo size might not fit; let's make sure you have a portrait and landscape option for all your business needs. 

File formats (.png, .jpeg, .eps, .ai), with background and transparent, full colour, reverse, black & white


Perfect for small spaces! Your brandmark allows you to maintain brand consistency on software platforms that need a small logo. Let's make sure your customers recognise you.

File formats (.png, .jpeg, .eps, .ai), with background and transparent, full colour, reverse, black & white

Colour Palette Curation

We'll provide colour palette options based on your values and consumer psychology. Your input will help nail the colour palette and how it's reflected in the designs.

HEX codes, RGB and CMYK included. Pantone available on request

Social Profile Picture

Ever seen a profile picture that's unreadable, or blurry?

We'll chose the best design for social media, and make sure it's exported at the right pixel size. 

File formats (.png), suitable for social media platforms


Get stuck searching for the right font for 2 hours?
Let's curate the perfect font pairings, and also take care of the commercial licences for logo fonts so you're legit.

Commercial licences purchased, with information on how to access these fonts

PDF Brand Guide

A guide on how to use your brand assets, including visual examples of how you can use the designs to maintain brand consistency. Perfect to pass onto staff/suppliers to ensure they understand the vision.

PDF Document

How would you like to work with me?

3 week timeline

This is for you if you're not on a fast deadline, happy to work via email with time and space for you to review at your leisure and submit your feedback.

This service is perfect if there are multiple decision makers involved.

$1,999 AUD (incl GST)
4 payments of $528 AUD (incl GST)

VIP 2 days LIVE priority service

This is for you if you have an idea about what you want and you need it done stat. This is a much more personalised approach as we'll work together collaboratively via Zoom to build your brand in the first day, and have it all packaged and delivered on day 2.

You'll get to see me design live, make edits and refine the brand 👏

$2,499 AUD (incl GST)
4 payments of $659 AUD (incl GST)

Select your add-on's

No two businesses are the same, so you've got the freedom to purchase add-on's that you need.

Your add-on's will be delivered within 2-5 business days of your Brand being delivered. 

Custom Illustration

Let's make you into a cartoon!

$129 AUD (incl GST)

Hero character illustration for you to use across marketing platforms. Stand out from other marketing with unique, one-of-a-kind character illustration. 

Promotional Cards

Double-sided A5, A6, DL Postcard (design only)

$165 AUD (incl GST)

Use this card as a thank-you card, promo card or advertising campaign. Create brand recognition by having your new branding on all facets of your marketing. 

Business Cards

Double-sided Business Cards (design only)

$165 AUD (incl GST)

Create brand consistency by rolling out your new branding into beautiful, professional business cards (multiple sizes available). Print and delivery costs are additional. 

Facebook Page Cover Canva Templates

3 x Facebook Cover graphics delivered as Canva Templates

$165 AUD (incl GST)

Update your Facebook Page Cover image with on-brand graphics. Use the template to update with future promotions. 

LinkedIn Page Cover Canva Templates

3 x LinkedIn Cover graphics delivered as Canva Templates

$165 AUD (incl GST)

Update your LinkedIn Page Cover image with on-brand graphics. 

HTML Email Signature

1 x HTML Email Signature

$165 AUD (incl GST)
+ $49 for each consecutive team member signature

Have a beautiful, responsive and clickable email signature that showcases your professionalism.

Includes detailed instructions to install for self-installation.

6 Graphic Elements

6 key graphic elements or icons (such as stickers, highlight icons, website icons or small illustrations)

$264 AUD (incl GST)

Create brand consistency through graphic elements that can be used throughout your marketing. Break up written content and make information exciting to view. 

Hero Illustration

1 Hero Illustration for the use of digital marketing or website presence

$264 AUD (incl GST)

This could be a website hero graphic, illustration of you/your business or something that communicates a specific message to your client. 

6 x Animated GIF stickers

6 x on-brand custom GIF stickers 

$264 AUD (Incl GST)

Perfect for social media and stories, these stickers will be eye-catching and create brand recognition across all platforms. 

Seamless Pattern Design

Elevate your packaging

$264 AUD (Incl GST)

Custom pattern design for on-brand tissue or wrapping paper, use your pattern on fabric or merchandise. Perfect to use on your digital marketing and website to keep your branding consistent. 

10 x Social Media Canva Templates

10 x on-brand custom Canva Templates (static) 

$299 AUD (incl GST)

Designed specifically for your business to re-use and post consistently beautiful and purposeful content. 

But wait, there's more...

Top tier add-on's

Top-tier add-on's will be delivered within 1-2 weeks of your Brand being delivered. 

E-Book Canva Template

5 A4 page E-Book as a Canva Templates 

$364 AUD (incl GST)

Use your E-Book template to create freebie downloads for your audience, or sell as a digital product. Designed with your branding, and specific to your content, your audience will be enticed to get their hands on it. 

EDM Template Design

Beautiful, clickable and editable email marketing template

$398 AUD (incl GST)

Use this EDM template to create beautiful, functional and eye-grabbing email marketing for your audience. With Custom Canva templates that allow you to update the graphics as needed for all future emails. 

- 6-8 section Email Marketing Template in your platform of choice
- 6-8 x Custom Canva templates

Canva Template Bundle

A selection of Canva Templates

$529 AUD (incl GST)
Valued at over $700 

 - 10 x Instagram Feed Canva Templates
- 10 x Story-sized Facebook/Instagram Canva Templates (this also suits reel covers)
- 6 x Highlight Icon Canva templates
- 3 x Facebook or LinkedIn Page Cover Canva Templates

On-brand Website

Transform your custom experience with a brand new website or a quick refresh

Starting from $1,299 AUD (incl GST)

Now we've built the brand, we can roll it out into your existing website, or if you need a brand-spankin' new website, we can build from scratch. 

Supported platforms are Wordpress, Shopify, Kajabi, Wix, Squarespace, Square and weberfy.

What's the process?

*Toot Toot*

Once we've determined your package and add-on's, you'll receive a Services Agreement form as well as the invoice.

You've got the option of paying in full, or via 4 instalments. 

*Train whistle blows*

Now it's time to knuckle down and define who your ideal target audience is.

You'll complete an online Questionnaire and together we'll build a mood board to determine what kind of aesthetics you like and what your ideal client would be attracted to. 

*Full steam ahead!*

Using the research and my design skills, I produce concepts for review. You'll receive them as a PDF along with an online feedback form, and video walk through.

Then it's time to refine, refine, refine until we get those visuals lookin' Schmick and ready to go.

*Arrive at your destination*

I'll deliver your assets via a Google Drive folder, with instructions on the breakdown of all the files and how to use them.

You'll also receive a video walk-though of all the files, any templates or guides and so forth. From here, you've got the visuals and the tools to conquer the world *insert crowd applause*

Got a good eye for detail?

You know what you like. You see something, you click on it, you admire it. 

If you know, you know (#amiright?)

I love working with inspiring business owners, who are decisive, and have a vision. My Brand VIP days are built just for that; collaborative design. No, it doesn't mean you're stuck on a zoom with me for 6 hours straight. But, it does mean that in a few 20 minutes Zoom chats, we'll be designing live and I'll make real-time changes. 

Your most valuable commodity is time. Let's not waste it. 


Ready to get started?

Let's kick-start the process with a free 20-minute chat to go over your business, what you need and the process. 


Check out my projects

Want to have a look at my past projects? I have an open-style policy - I don't fit my designs into any one style, because the final product should represent your business (not mine). 


Does the prospect of a rebrand make you hella-nervous?

A rebrand is crucial if you’re not communicating with your ideal audience, your visual presence isn’t consistent and you just aren’t aligned with your old assets (if you hate your logo, let’s fix that stat).

Is your logo outdated, pixelated and can't evolve with your business?

Or, are you at a pivotal time where you want to launch new products or services, but just don't feel like your existing brand is going to sell who you are and what you offer?

By investing in branding for your business, you’re going to elevate your digital marketing, create brand recognition and attract more desired business. 

Still on the fence about Brand Design? Grab a free no-obligation consult and let's chat about your rebrand. 

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Meet your designer

Brodi-Rose (aka Bro) is a qualified Graphic Designer and Canva Approved Creator with over 4 years experience building brands. She loves supporting her clients through brand design, illustration and website design. Bro creates intentional design, with a focus on messaging and communication through brand identity. 


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