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So you love Canva?

Guess what. so do i. 

I'm here to walk you through using Canva from the perspective of a business owner, entrepreneur or creator. 

I'm a qualified Graphic Designer & approved Canva Creator, with years of experience with delivering Canva designs for clients, as well as building templates and elements for the backend of Canva. 

🚫 I don't design brands in Canva, but rather use Canva as a tool to help roll out digital marketing collateral (it's the 21st Century babay!)

⚡️ Save time and understand how to create on-brand, eye-catching graphics
⚡️ Save hundreds of dollars by designing your own content
⚡️ Easily repurpose content for different platforms/channels
⚡️ Capture your audience's attention
⚡️ Delegate content creation to staff and trust it will be on-brand

"I've just watched your Canva Masterclass and it is amazing! I've learned so much from this class." - Sharon T 

Love to learn?

Canva fundamentals

for small business

Canva Fundamentals for Small Business has been designed to help you leverage Canva to create digital content for your business.

I've saved small businesses thousands of dollars by empowering them to DIY their own digital content through Canva Templates.


BUY NOW - $80

Canva fundamentals

selling canva templates

This masterclass will walk through the basics of how to create unique template designs, package them for delivery, create mockups that sell and where you can sell your Canva templates online. 

Leverage Canva to create unlimited earning capacity by selling digital products legally



Canva fundamentals

designing on-brand promotional event graphics

This masterclass has been designed to help you leverage Canva to create on-brand promotional event graphics that get you noticed. 

As a formed Event Planner, I've crafted this masterclass around using Canva to design, but also rolling out your branding into supporting graphics like social media, presentation slides and more. 

You'll also get access to FREE Canva templates!



Canva fundamentals

using the Brand Hub

This masterclass will walk through how to upload assets into the Brand Hub, including logos, photo, graphic elements, fonts, colours and more!

I'll also explain what file types to upload that give you colour editing capabilities.



Coming soon...

Need a bit of 1:1 guidance?

I offer 1:1 mentorships to really help business owners take advantage of Canva for their business. Whether your goals are to create content confidently, or upskill to make passive income, I can help you. 

Book in a free chat for us to talk about your goals and the desired outcomes. 

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Just some VIP Brand clients...

Past Projects
Past Projects