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What do you get out of a 1:1 Consultation?

Brand audit and assessment

Let's have a 1:1 conversation to review your existing brand assets, colours, fonts and key messaging. We'll identify your strengths and weaknesses, and do a competitor analysis to identify gaps and opportunities.

...PLUS I'm heckin fun to talk to :)

Strategic Brand Positioning

We'll work out how to articulate your core values, mission, vision and unique selling propositions in a visual way.

We will assess your target audience to understand what they are looking for, and what your brand could be doing better. 

Actionable Branding Roadmap

This is where you'll recieve some actionable steps at the conclusion of our consultation to implement the new strategy, including timelines, resources, milestones and recommendations. 

I tailor each consultation to suit you and your business.

Why do you need this?

Every single business is different, so my recommendations are not a one-size-fits all. 

In preparation for our consultation, I'll review your existing marketing material, including website, email marketing, socials, templates and more. I'll assess how you're using your visual brand, and collect from you any pieces of visual marketing that you'd like feedback on. 

Our consultation will include sharing screens, walking through the customer journey and identifying visual gaps in your branding.

...The purpose is to clarify and guide you on your way to total world domination. Wait. What?

The actual purpose is to give you insights and actionable steps to make your businesses visual identity more professional, scalable, legitimate and ultimately attract the right customer or client for you to grow your brand. 

While there's an investment in our consultation, it may cost your business more by not investing in this.


1:1 Consultation (1 hour)


Together we will assess your brand identity and put together a roadmap for visual success

Ideal for small businesses, service-based and product-based businesses. 


Maybe you need...

If you're at a stage in your business where a rebrand or a new visual identity is more applicable, select a time for us to have a quick chat. 

This FREE consult is to discuss a new visual identity, not to assess the existing branding. 

If you book a VIP 1:1 consultation (AU$299) and then decide to rebrand, this will be deducted from the cost of your brand design package (details above). 

I'd love to hear more about your project. 


Meet your designer

Brodi-Rose (aka Bro) is a qualified Graphic Designer and Canva Approved Creator with over 5 years experience building brands. She loves supporting her clients through brand design, illustration and website design. Bro creates intentional design, with a focus on messaging and communication through brand identity. 


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