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Brand Design nerd. 

Looking for a speaker for your in-person or digital event?

Let me introduce myself...

I'm Brodi-Rose

(aka bro)

I'm a Brand Designer, Illustrator, approved Canva Creator, Website Designer annndddd earring-obsessed queen. 

I'm also a seasoned musician who's jumped on stage countless times and still love the thrill of it. 

And I'm here to save the day.

Yup, I said it. How am I saving the day? Well, my previous career was as an event planner so I understand the work that goes into running an event. The speaker prep, the marketing, the admin, the launch, the tech....all of it. I know what you're going through right now. 

So here's what I can offer:
⚡️ A variety of ready-to-go talks that you can choose from
⚡️ Or, a customised presentation for your audience
⚡️ Sticking to a time limit
⚡️ Being prepared for Q&A or a live panel
⚡️ Headshot and bio in record time *zzzing and it's yours*
⚡️ Speaker requirements delivered on-time
⚡️ Event promotion on my end
⚡️ Live or pre-recorded talks (I'm a tech nut!)
⚡️ Workshop or concurrent session presentations

I've spoken on several podcasts, and most recently a digital conference, on a variety of topics (check them out below). 

I want to engage, educate, inspire and delight your audience. 

What's my why?

Why do I want to present?

In the last 5 years of business, I've discovered that I have a more divine mission than just completing the next project. I mean, I love working, but what truly get's me pumped is when I get to help women do whatever the heck they want to do with their lives. 

I want to help women who are hell-bent on creating a lifestyle that isn't tied to a desk, traditions, expectations and the "that's just how it's always been done" way.

The renegades, the powerhouses, the rule-breakers, the take-the-path-less-beaten ones. 

I want to inspire others to take a risk - to do something that scares the hell out of them but then results in the most amazing journey. 

And sometimes it's about sharing your story, your insights, your process, your knowledge. 

I've had to overcome my fair-share of obstacles in my career:
⚡️ Having a male boss call me "his b*tch" to clients
⚡️ Losing my job because of COVID 
⚡️ Having to go full-time in my business without a financial security blanket 
⚡️ Being told by other designers that I'm ruining the industry by using Canva
⚡️ Dealing with Grief while running a small business

...pair my Brand Design knowledge with a toolbox of career experience, life experience and business knowledge, and I just might be what you're looking for. 

As seen in...

Kiss my aesthetic

eps. 65

Go live con 2023

Highlight coming soon...

We rebranded

Instagram Live Edition

The social hub

Eps. 7

Topics I can talk about

until the cows come home

Brand Design

It's pretty rare to find a designer who doesn't want to hide behind their screen. I'd love to be considered to talk to your audience about the following topics (or even something specific and unique to your viewers).

⚡️ Brand Design: How important is it to have a Brand Identity in 2023?
⚡️ Brand Design: The difference between a Logo and a Brand
⚡️ How to Maintain Brand Consistency on a Budget
⚡️ Using your Brand in Reels, Tik-Toks and Stories
⚡️ 5 Steps you can take right now to increase your Brand Recognition
⚡️ Brand Design for the Bold. Why you need to stand out. 

I know the struggles of a entrepreneur building a business, and I know that not everyone can afford professional Brand Design. I combine my knowledge of branding with a pinch of Canva to make design accessible. 

PLUS I can offer some freebies or access to masterclasses to help your audience learn even more


As a qualified Graphic Designer and approved Canva Creator, I'm uniquely positioned to be able to talk about the following topics:

⚡️Canva's Disruption to the Graphic Design Industry
⚡️ How to Leverage Canva for Small Business
⚡️ How to Leverage Canva as a Creative 
⚡️ Creating Passive Income using Canva
⚡️How to become a Canva-Friendly Designer

When I'm not busy with client projects, I build templates and elements for the back-end of Canva (and get paid royalties when they're used). I've made thousands of dollars of passive income, as well as attracted many clients because of my Canva Service offerings. 


Having reached my highest Pinterest month of over 3 million monthly views, I'm ready to spill the beans and help other business owners do the same. 

⚡️ Pinterest: is it worth the effort?
⚡️ The 4 Steps I took to Build my Pinterest to 3 Million Monthly Views
⚡️ Pinterest: the Goldmine for Creatives

It's important to note that I'm not a digital marketing strategist, or a Pinterest pro: I'm simply a Graphic Designer who spent years building my Pinterest account. I can show your audience how I did it from the perspective of a creator. 


Sometimes you just need a Graphic Designer who can jump on stage and talk. Without quaking in their boots. Maybe it's to a crowd of business owners, or maybe it's to a crowd of creatives. I want them to leave feeling inspired by future opportunities. 

⚡️ Canva, Fiverr, Logo Generators: What's next? 
⚡️ How Technology will change the Future for Creatives
⚡️ The Hustle is Real: an Unproductive Reaction to Disruption

I take careful consideration of an audience's opinion to Industry Disruption. It's not about making anyone feel like the future is scary; but rather get them excited about amazing opportunities coming our way. 

Let's chat!

You've got the option to Book a free consult for us to meet *yay*, or submit a written enquiry for and discuss your upcoming speaking opportunity. 

Ready to chat?