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Let's Get Funky (with GIF's!)

Let's Get Funky (with GIF's!)

Funky, flashy and a little bit sassy, GIF’s are the total package.

As you had a little squizzy at my website today, did you notice those cute little features that danced around shouting “Look at moi!”? Well pal, let’s play a little bit of make believe for a sec here, I’ll set the scene, get comfy.

YAS animated GIF sticker

Picture this: You’re a customer arriving at the very website that you (the biz owner) created. You’re having a looksie, browsing warily at dozens of static images. Your eyes begin to droop and your attention is waning when BAM! An adorable little dancing image pops up and nabs your attention. You feel the rush of excitement as your eyes are lit with excitement, you want more!




What can you use custom GIF's for? Great question, I'm so glad you asked. 

⚡️ Social posts/stories/reels/TikToks 

⚡️ Jazz up your email marketing 

⚡️ Website graphics to keep your audience engaged!

⚡️ Pinterest graphics

⚡️ Presentations/workshops/masterclasses

⚡️ Blog posts #heckyes

⚡️ Did I mention you can add them into your Canva designs?

⚡️ You can even upload them to GIPHY for your audience to use, which is great for marketing your brand!

⚡️ SO much more!


“We loved every minute working with Brodi-Rose! She has the right amount of energy and passion that makes this process exciting. She is very professional when working through feedback. We loved that she ensured we were 100% happy with everything before the final product. Brodi-Rose is our go-to girl for everything design.” - Stephanie

That was a wild ride, thanks for joining me on that little journey of GIF discovery! 

I want to create a whopping SIX totally personalized, custom GIFs for you biz. I’m talking six eye catching, sale promoting ripper little stickers that will blow your audience away. Once you send through the deets, I’ll have them ready in just 5-10 days, hot off the press and ready to be used across your socials and website.

“Say no more Brodi, I’m ready to go to Funky Town” – Order yours today here!

I can’t wait to get started,
Love, Bro x

I’m over here disco dancing with every purchase you make. If you can’t get enough, check out these fresh links below!

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