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Fancy a Brand Refresh?

Fancy a Brand Refresh?

So you're in the market for some design help, but just not sure what option is right for you and your biz. 


So what's the difference?

Brand Refresh

You've got a logo design that you love, but are struggling with creating a cohesive brand identity that marries alllllll your visuals together. 

Let's work together to determine the direction for your Brand, including additional Brandmark assets, colour palette, font pairings and a snazzy Brand Guide that will help you stay consistent across your business. 

Want some extra's? Add-on some Canva Templates, animated GIF stickers, custom Graphic Elements & much more!


Brand Rebrand

We start from scratch to determine the Brand Identity based on a comprehensive Branding Questionnaire and Pinterest moodboards. This option is ideal if you need a suite of professionally designed logos, with a killer matching visual identity. We'll work together to refine the concepts, and once approved you'll get a slick Google Drive folder filled with all your new assets. 

Your comprehensive Brand Guide will tell you how to use the logos, fonts, colours and give you some examples of your Brand style in mockups. 


Got a logo you love?

If you already have a logo, and are considering the Refresh, there's a couple of things to keep in mind:

  1. If you have DIY'd the logo, you may not have the right files to use it across your business. For example, logos created in Canva have limited uses (keep scrollin' to read more)
  2. If the colours of your logo need changing to better align with the refresh, I can only do this if you have the original designer files of your logo (.eps, .ai or high resolution .pdf). You can always check with me on our consult call if you're not sure.
  3. If I'm not aligned with the style of your logo, or feel that I may not be able to create a brand for it, I'll let you know and point you in the direction of a designer who may be able to help


DIY'd your logo and love it?

I'm all here for DIY (did you know I'm an approved Canva Creator?!)

But, there are limitations to the file types that come with DIY logo design. For example, you may have found if you make your logo too big or too small that it gets pixellated... That's because .png and .jpeg are raster files.

When designers create logos, we create them in vector format (.eps, .ai, .pdf) to ensure scalability - like one day putting your logo on a truck or billboard. Or even to get it printed on a flyer. 

There are other limitations to DIY logos, such as if you have exclusive use of the symbols, graphics and fonts. If you need to trademark your logo, you will need a unique and custom logo. 

Also, is your DIY logo really attracting your ideal audience?

If you have a logo, and just want it spruced up a little, there may be a way that we can work together.

Book in a free consult, and let's have a chat!

Love, Bro x

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