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Speak to me Brodi!

Speak to me Brodi!

Oh hey! I’m Brodi-Rose, you might’ve seen me around the place, doing my thing as a graphic designer, approved Canva creator and website designer but did you also know I love to perform?

You could say I’m a bit of an all ‘rounder (you’d be right to assume). You see, in addition to all my digital creativity, I’m also a musician and in a past life I was an event planner!

“I booked a 15-minute discovery call with Brodi-Rose just looking for some general advice on the branding I’d attempted on my own for my soon-to-be-launched business. After chatting with her for 2 minutes I knew that I wanted her to help me rework it!

With lightning speed, Bro elevated my branding, creating a polished, professional and personality-filled logo that represents me and my service offering perfectly. She also created equally beautiful, easy-to-use Canva templates for my social media and client onboarding documents, which I am so excited to start using when I officially launch my business.

Not only is Bro a talented designer, she’s absolutely lovely to deal with – and I’m so happy to have found her at just the right time! Thanks Bro!!” - Brit

I’ve got loads of experience in speaking roles, I’ve featured on podcasts, multiple Instagram lives, provided masterclasses for membership groups, was a guest speaking in a virtual summit presentation and have presented live in front of a group of female business owners. I’m ready to blow your mind with my creative presence, rapport building and general “want to be around her” vibes at your next speaking event.

Lord knows I love to talk about all things graphic design. From Pinterest to Branding I’m your gal, so take a little looksie at this totes amazing list of topics to get you started:

⚡️Allow me to dazzle your audience with all the facts they need to know about branding in 2023 including the differences between branding and a logo, working within a budget, utilising their brand across socials and the how and why of standing out.

⚡️I could literally talk about Canva for-everr, so here’s a quick sample: How Canva interacts with the graphic design community, How to utilise Canva as a small or medium business, creating your own passive income with Canva (this is something I do myself and let me tell you – it’s worth it!) and how to become a Canva Friendly Designer just like yours truly.

⚡️Pinterest is where it’s at! In fact, I reached my highest Pinterest month at a little more than 3 MILLION views. I guess you could say I’m a bit of a pro and I’m willing to share some juicy secrets with you, to optimise your Pinterest too.

 ⚡️Learn all there is to know about graphic design in your industry. I love to make the audience feel excited and empowered about changes and upcoming trends, giving them helpful tools to embrace and face what’s new.

So, now that I’ve chewed your ear off, let’s chat for reals! I’m stoked to be considered for your next speaking role and I guarantee your audience will thank you for it.


Want to collab with me? Check out my VIP Days and let’s get this show on the road. And In the meantime lets connect on socials, I love inspiring people with fresh and funky ideas.

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Lotsa love, 


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