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Have you thought about using Pinterest to grow your service based business?

“It’s just one more platform to try and master…I’ll stick to Instagram”

“I just can’t see the benefits”

“I tried it, and it didn’t give me any results”

I’m not here to sell you Pinterest. If you leave now, no drama ✌️

What's the point?

Leads. website Traffic. Clients. 

Or 8 million views in 90 days...

Pinterest is not a social platform. It’s a search engine. Like Google…only more visual. A place for clients to find you.

What I’ve decided to do, is be 100% real with other service providers and show them how I managed to build a monthly view base of 4million views, connect with international clients and generate leads.

I’m not a Pinterest Manager - this is not a service I offer…

So who am I? I’m a Brand Designer who has posted my projects to Pinterest, and have built a profile that is:

* My main lead generator
* Connecting me with international clients
* The main way I get email subscribers


My advice?

Here's some free tips!

My top tips for using Pinterest are:

* Consistency. Don’t stop uploading new content! Build it into your project timeline and make sure it’s new pins (not old ones)
* Integrate Tailwind for communities (an app)
* Convert your static pins to animated GIF pins for movement (like this one shown here - I can teach you how)

I'm combining 3 years of DIY Pinterest knowledge into a few short videos. To show you how. Interested? 

Best part? It'll be low-cost. 


Let me show  you...

As a creative who did all the ground work from scratch, self taught myself how to use Pinterest and have now built a monthly viewer base of over 4 million viewers, I’m ready to show you how.

Here’s what I won’t teach you:

- Overnight success: Pinterest takes time to build up momentum
- Paid ads: I’ve never used advertising so can’t teach you how… #sorrynotsorry
- Pinterest Strategy - I’m not a marketer, I’m literally going to show you how I’ve built this portfolio with the idea to get more leads


So tell me...

What content will you cover?

I'm still putting the content together, but here's an outline of what this short-course will teach you. 


Meet Bro

Brodi-Rose (aka Bro) is a qualified Graphic Designer and Canva Approved Creator with over 5 years experience building brands. She loves supporting her clients through brand design, illustration and website design. Bro creates intentional design, with a focus on messaging and communication through brand identity.