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Use My Free Elements in Canva

Use My Free Elements in Canva

Check out these elements below for you to use on Canva 👏

Who doesn't love a freebie, #amiright?


Some elements are free for all users, and some you might need a Pro account for. This allows me to buy bread and butter. And Jam. And Vegemite, cause you know, I am an Aussie!

And while it might look a lil pink, you can change the colours of the elements. This way you can create on-brand graphics!


Bro x

Find me in Canva

To find these on Canva, go to the Elements Tab and search @brodirose.

Or, view my Canva profile and head to "Elements". 

Free Canva Elements








As a Qualified Graphic Designer and approved Canva Creator, I upload content for the backend of Canva so that users have access to amaze-balls elements. I also LOVE building brands, and some of my elements are un-used concepts for Brand Design projects I've worked on. 

Did you know? I always try to be diverse in my characters. From skin colour to body shapes and sizes, I hope to represent a large variety of women. 

PS, if you want to read more about why I TOTALLY support and love Canva as a Graphic Designer, read this post: What Makes Me a Self-Confessed Canva Friendly Brand Designer

Want to work with me? Check out my Services. 

Did you know I made a 1-hour Canva Masterclass specifically for Small Businesses? Subscribe here and get a sneaky discount code. 

Need some Custom Canva Templates designed? Check out my packs. 

Not yet a Canva Pro user? It's totally worth it! Try it with this free trial

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