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Have you thought about using Pinterest to grow your business?

“It’s just one more platform to try and master…I’ll stick to Instagram”

“I just can’t see the benefits”

“I tried it, and it didn’t give me any results”

I’m not here to sell you Pinterest. What I can do is show you how I built my account to over 4.5 Million Monthly Views, generate daily leads for my business and get thousands of hits to my website. 

Why use Pinterest?

Leads. website Traffic. Clients. 

Or over 24 Million Views on your product or service in the last 6 months...

Pinterest is not a social platform. It’s a search engine. Like Google…only more visual. A place for clients to find you.

*Us humans are a visual bunch!

What I’ve decided to do, is be 100% real with other creatives, businesses and service providers to show them how I managed to build a monthly view base of over 4.5 Million Monthly Views, connect with international clients and generate leads.

I’m not a Pinterest Manager - this is not a service I offer…

So who am I? I’m a Brand Designer who has posted my projects to Pinterest, and have built a profile that is:

* My main lead generator
* Connecting me with international clients
* The main way I get email subscribers and build my list

Would you like to build your profile to be equally, if not more successful?

Let me show you in my Pinterest C-4 Methodology Course.


Let me show  you...

I'll teach you my Pinterest C-4 Methodology with over 2 hours of recorded content, PDF Guide, free Canva templates and a special guest speaker.

As a creative who did all the ground work from scratch, self-taught myself how to use Pinterest and have now built a monthly viewer base of over 4.5 Million Monthly Views, I’m ready to show you how.

I'm a visual learner, so I'll be diving into the knitty-gritty in this video series. 


Watch those leads roll on in...

So tell me...

What content will you cover?

I'll teach you my special Pinterest C-4 Methodology which has guided me through building my views and leveraging this FREE platform to build and scale my creative agency. 

I spent hundreds of hours working out Pinterest so that I can show you my special methodology in about 2 hours. 

If you convert 1 x sale from a Pinterest lead by taking this training, I'm convinced it will cover your investment. 

Content will be dropped on Thursday 14 September 2023. 

EARLYBIRD  - AU$39 (inc gst)

Available until Thursday 14 September 2023

FULL PRICE  - AU$60 (inc gst)

Full price applies from Friday 15 September 2023




Brodi-Rose Newsome (aka bro)

Bro is your friendly neighbourhood Brand Designer, who has consistently used Pinterest for years to build and scale her creative agency. 

As a Qualified Graphic Designer and approved Canva Creator, Bro focuses on building bold and vibrant brands for her clients. During COVID, she started posting to Pinterest and has now gained over 4.5 Million Monthly Views.  

She has used Pinterest to:
⚡️ Promote projects
⚡️ Post about her services
⚡️ Generate high-budget leads
⚡️ Connect with international clients
⚡️ Sell online digital products
⚡️ Sell services
⚡️ Build an email list to over 1,200
⚡️ Generate thousands of hits to her website

Bro considers herself to be an outside-of-the-box type thinker, and wants to inspire creatives and other business owners to take advantage of this free platform.



Gabriella is a Pinterest Manager who loves helping small businesses, bloggers, product sellers and content creators to get more traffic to their websites using Pinterest.

She is a B2B marketing and communications manager with a history of working in the recreational and amusement attraction industry.

In 2017 she left corporate life behind to travel the World and started working as a Pinterest Manager.

Gabbi is our Guest Presenter, and will present a masterclass on why Pinterest SEO is essential in Pinterest marketing and how to master it quickly and easily. She will also share some secret Pinterest SEO & keyword research hacks and tips.

Read more about Gabbi here.


With the cost of living in 2023, it was important to me to develop a high-quality, low-cost offering. But more than that, I want every business owner to harness this amazing platform to grow their business. 

I want to help business owners who are hell-bent on creating a lifestyle that isn't tied to a desk, traditions, expectations or the "that's just how it's always been done" way. The renegades, the powerhouses, the rule-breakers, the take-the-path-less-beaten ones.

Pinterest has allowed me to scale and grow, and know that leads will still be coming through the door if I take a week off (which I'm doing in August!)

And lemme tell you. There is so much opportunity on Pinterest for all of us to succeed. 


$39 (inc gst)

Available until Thursday 14 September 2023


Full Price

$60 (inc gst)

From Friday 15 September 2023


Unable to invest in your business just yet?

Here's some free advice...

My top tips!

* Consistency. Don’t stop uploading new content! Build it into your project timeline and make sure it’s new pins (not old ones)
* Done is better than perfect - start now!
* Convert your static pins to animated GIF pins for movement (like this one shown here - I can teach you how)

I'm combining 3 years of DIY Pinterest knowledge into a few short videos. To show you how. Interested? 


Follow me on Pinterest!

Meet Bro

Brodi-Rose (aka Bro) is a qualified Graphic Designer and Canva Approved Creator with over 5 years experience building brands. She loves supporting her clients through brand design, illustration and website design. Bro creates intentional design, with a focus on messaging and communication through brand identity.