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Sellable Canva E-Book

You've written a book, and want to sell it to create passive income. I'll design a sellable Canva E-Book that is legally legit, and functional for use. And, visually drool-worthy to entice those sales to roll in.

You'll be able to make your own edits, and duplicate layouts for additional pages (if you need them). 

As a Canva Approved Creator, I've got insider knowledge on what can be used in sellable templates. We'll work together to determine your aesthetic, and I'll design templates that are unique to you. 

I've successfully sold pre-made Canva templates for 2+ years, and understand what's needed to get them to sell. I've got clients who after making the initial investment in professional sellable templates, generated thousands of dollars in passive income. 

The Deets

This pack includes

  • 10 x A4 page layouts
  • 3 x advertising graphic mockups
  • Delivered within 10-15 business days 
  • A video recorded walk-through of your templates
  • Two rounds of revisions

This pack is based on approx 14-16 hours of design time.  

The process

  • Complete the purchase of this product
  • Book a free consult here for us to discuss this project
  • Your draft templates will be emailed within 10-12 business days of receipt of our consult

Contact and Support

If you have any questions regarding these templates, please contact

Thank you

Every time you make a purchase, I do a little happy dance because it means I can continue doing what I love - designing! As a Brand Designer, I LOVE empowering my clients to use their professionally designed brand with Canva! I upload all of the final branding assets that we design in Adobe Creative Suite into Canva templates specifically for my clients to use, to maintain brand consistency and to reach their audience.