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Facebook Cover Canva templates: Customised for your business

10 x Facebook Cover Canva Templates

Having your own custom templates allows you to communicate with your audience and build brand recognition. These templates will save you from:

✨ wasting time trying to create a post and then realising it doesn’t match anything else

✨ Not losing out on leads or sales because of NOT posting anything at all

✨ No more feeling anxious about your marketing game plan

✨ Looking unprofessional - your graphics are going to legitimise your position in the market

✨ Struggling to use photoshop - all of these templates are built directly in Canva by a Canva Approved Creator

I truly want to empower every business owner to be able to get clarity with their socials, and stop the frustration at needing to create content. 

How would you feel if you could:

✨ Post a visually stunning graphic in seconds

✨ Have your feed looking like something out of a magazine 

✨ Capture your audience's attention and create engaging content

The Deets

This pack includes

  • 10 x Facebook Cover templates (optimised for desktop and mobile)
  • Delivered within 5 business days 
  • Made by a Canva Approved Creator (I build templates directly for Canva in their template bank:
  • Responsive text editing
  • Access via a FREE Canva account (Canva Pro not required)
  • Access to a Youtube Tutorial on how to edit your templates


The process

  • Complete your purchase
  • Email your logo files, brand colours and list of requested templates to
  • Your draft templates will be emailed within 5 business days of receipt of your brand assets 
  • Upload your snaps and update the text fields with your content
  • Export your tile and DONE ✅ it’s time to post!

Contact and Support

If you have any questions regarding these templates, please contact

Thank you

Every time you make a purchase, I do a little happy dance because it means I can continue doing what I love - designing! As a Brand Designer, I LOVE empowering my clients to use their professionally designed brand with Canva! I upload all of the final branding assets that we design in Adobe Creative Suite into Canva templates specifically for my clients to use, to maintain brand consistency and to reach their audience.