I designed this brand for a cafe or coffeehouse with a twist. This particular example is based around a cafe that has an online community and chat hub, allowing people to meet and chat online in a virtual cafe. 


This brand has been designed to the modern generation, aged 25-40, who is focused on cafe experiences over just a takeaway coffee. Their ideal customer is an entrepreneur travelling, who sits in the cafe for half a day working remotely, who would then also be interested in their virtual cafe hangouts when not in the area. 


This branding would suit a cafe or coffeehouse who is interested in supporting their community outside of the traditional setting of a cafe. 

Cafe/Coffeehouse Brand

  • This brand is only available for sale once, so get in quick before a competitor purchases it. During the purchase, you will complete a section with your business name for me to update the design. Please note, the company name shown in these examples is made up - I do not own the rights to the company name. It’s used as an example to showcase the design. 

    Your pre-made brand design includes 1 revision at no extra cost. For example, when I send through the design and you would like something changed or edited, I will do so at no extra cost. This is only valid for the initial brand purchase, not for any additional items. 

    Your pre-made brand design includes:

    •  files in .png and vector format (.ai) for future use by any designer (for example, if you wanted to put this design on a billboard today you would have your logo files with the ability to do so)
    •  Hero logo
    •  Secondary logo
    •  Submark 
    •  Graphic elements 
    •  PDF Brand Guide with information on the colour palette, typography and logos

    If you require additional items, such as business cards, promotional flyers, website or more, while this is not included I would be more than happy to discuss pricing at your request.

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