Use Instagram on desktop

A game-changer for small business owners: use Instagram on your desktop the same way you use it on your phone.

This has helped me grow my business, be doing work and still have a squiz on insta without looking on my phone.

See the steps below based on your internet browser:


Step 1: With Safari open, go to your menu bar and select Safari>Preferences.

Step 2: Select Advanced, and tick the open at the bottom called Show Develop menu in the menu bar. You can now close the preferences window. Go back into Safari, you'll now see there's Develop in your menu bar.

Step 3: Open up (log in) and in the menu select Develop>User Agent>Safari - iPhone

Voila - you can now use Instagram on your desktop in a mobile view. I haven't worked out a way to keep this option saved for this webpage, but it's really quick to jump into the Develop settings each time I need to use Instagram on desktop - which has been daily now that I know-how. If you know how to keep these settings for a particular website, let me know!


Step 1: Open up (log in)

Step 2: Open Chrome Developer Tools (Ctrl+Shift+J)

Step 3: Now hit Mobile View (Ctrl+Shift+M) for the page to load in mobile view mode.

Now, I actually had to use Google for the Chrome instructions because I run a Mac. So, if this doesn't work please let me know!

Peace out,

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