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You guys... I'm a bit stunned. I was recently invited to be a guest speaker ON. A. PODCAST. Total bucket-list moment.

I'm a huge fan of podcasts - I listen to them errrry-day. So when I was invited by Stacey at The Social Hub to be a guest speaker, I was like ABSO-LUUUTELY! And then I started thinking, and thinking and thinking...

Who am I to tell people about their Brand Identity?

I'm a Graphic Designer. I build brands with clients. I know about Brand Identity.

I went into the podcast knowing that I could help small business owners who were just stuck with what a Brand Identity was and how to get it. Knowing that I could potentially be helping someone is what made me stick to my guns and talk about branding. We spoke about the importance of good branding as well as the cost of bad branding.

What do you mean, 'the cost of bad branding'?

Well, good branding costs money to hire a designer and roll out your brand-spanking-new brand. But think about what it could cost your business if you don't have consistent branding across your channels. Your competitors probably do, so when a potential customer is looking at the two options, they're more than likely going to go with the brand who shows consistency, is recognisable to them and has been communicated with through the brand experience.

Task: open up a new browser, and search for your competitors. What's their branding like?

Do you need a designer to get a Brand Identity?

Well, no, but realistically you'll get a better final product (in most cases, depends on the designer) than something that's DIY.

Top tip: don't use Cosmic Sans...ever....

What's the difference between a Brand vs Logo?

Read all about the difference between a brand vs logo here - it's my detailed description with some handy tips and tricks.

Listen to the podcast!

Check out the podcast here, I'd love to get your feedback! Here's a teaser:

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