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In February 2020 I was hired by the creative agency for Huggies Australia to digitally Illustrate some of Australia's most iconic parents. The theme was to encourage being comfortable in your own skin, and that parent-shaming of any kind is not OK. 


I had less than 2 weeks to illustrate 17 highly detailed photographs that were chosen by the creative team, to meet the print deadline. This meant a few 3:30am wake-ups to ensure that the quality of illustration was perfect for each and every piece of art. 


Below is a snapshot from each of the artwork produced. I'm so thrilled (and as was Huggies) with the final artwork, and I'm SO proud of myself to working and delivering to such a tight deadline. 

The creative team chose the following celebrities for me to digitally illustrate:

  • Carrie Bickmore

  • Constance Hall

  • Edwina Bartholomew

  • Em Rusciano

  • Emily Skye

  • Erin Molan

  • Fifi Box

  • Jennifer Hawkins

  • Kayla Itsines

  • Kiri Vasales

  • Laura Bryne

  • Lauren Brant

  • Leigh Campbell

  • Nadia Bartel

  • Phoebe Burgess

  • Ruby Matthews

  • Sarah Stevenson


Custom illustrations can be ordered here, or if you'd like to enquire about a range of commissioned artwork much like the project I've done for Huggies Australia, please email me at

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