Order your custom, one-of-a-kind illustration. Illustrated by a professional designer in a modern, block colour style. Perfect for a gift, to use on social media or as a print in your home/office. 


  • Digital Illustration of a high-resolution photo

  • Digital Illustration delivered via email, provided in both square ratio as well as a story-sized ratio

  • It does not include printing, however, the high-resolution illustration can be printed at any print shop 


To order your custom illustration

  • Click the applicable option below (based on the photograph you would like illustrated)

  • Check-out online (credit card or PayPal accepted)

  • Email the high-resolution photo you want to be illustrated to hello@brodi-rose.com

  • Your custom illustration will be delivered via email in high resolution .png format within 5 business days of receiving your photo. If you require it in any other format, please include the instructions in your email containing the photograph. 


​The minimalist-style illustration has less detail than the other style of illustration I do. It includes a few key features; mainly lips, brows and hair. The custom illustration style which is more expensive is because it includes a lot more detail, and takes a lot longer to produce. 



Check out my recent project with Huggies Australia showcasing a fully custom collection of digital illustrations. You can also view my portfolio of custom illustrations on Pinterest here


Would you like to commission a range of illustrations? Thinking big for your next product launch? 

Have products or scenes you want to be illustrated? Please contact hello@brodi-rose.com or phone 0473 577 745 to discuss. Price on application. 

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